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The Wrexham Web Ring is a collection of web sites containing information about the County of Wrexham, in Wales, UK.

Membership of the ring is open to any web sites that fulfill that criteria, whether they are business or private web pages providing that they are deemed suitable for viewing by all ages in the community.

( The Wrexham Web Ring reserves the right to reject any web pages they deem not suitable or do not fulfill the criteria )

I hope that this web ring will provide a community spirit amongst both the web site authors and visitors!

How To Join

To join the Wrexham web ring there are four four main steps:-
  1. Complete & submit joining form
  2. Receive email with text to insert onto a page on your web site
  3. Edit the page that you want the Wrexham Web Ring text to appear
  4. Receive confirmation that your web site have been included in the Wrexham Web Ring
There is a detailed description on how to perform these steps.

Edit Web Site Information

If you are already a member of the Wrexham Web Ring you can view & edit your web site's information.
Site ID No: Password:

Member Sites

A list of member sites is available.

Across The Border

There are two web rings covering areas adjacent to Wrexham. These are:-
Cheshire Web Ring
The Heart Of England Web Ring.

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This web ring was created on Saturday 28th November 1998